New to the Bunch: Katherine, Marketing Coordinator

Katherine Harris
Marketing Coordinator
Katherine Harris
Marketing Coordinator

In our New to the Bunch series, our freshest Afreshies discuss what brought them here and what connects them to our mission. Find more stories on the blog and check the Careers page for current openings.

‍‍Katherine Harris is a Marketing Coordinator at Afresh who helps juggle the project management balls and actually knows how to juggle physical objects. As someone with a deep-rooted connection to artisan food makers and independent grocery stores, Katherine saw Afresh as a unique opportunity to be part of a mission-driven company scaling innovative solutions for far-reaching impact. 

Call me a millennial (guilty as charged), but throughout my job search, I held out hope that I could find work that lit me up. I was looking for a mission-driven company with a bright future that aligned with my values. During that journey, I heard well-intentioned but hard to swallow comments like, “Well Katherine, I think you’re being a bit naive – all companies are mission-driven” or “Maybe you need to give some things up on your wishlist – you’re being too picky.” 

A few months ago, scrolling on LinkedIn, I found this company with a cute leaf logo and wondered, “Hmmm. Could this be it?” Given my background supporting artisan food and drink producers, I had mostly been honed in on roles with cheesemakers and vintners. And despite growing up in Silicon Valley, I had never really crossed paths with the world of tech (other than being stuck behind commuter buses on the freeway). 

For a few years, I worked at a gastronome’s wonderland, a retail store driven by a crystal-clear mission to help folks eat, shop, gather, and learn, but ultimately they closed their doors. Mission-driven, check. Impact through scale, nope. From there, I joined forces with a 501(c)3 amplifying the work of underrepresented players in the food system like fisherpeople and picklers through an annual awards program. Mission-driven, for darn sure. Impact through scale, not quite.

So now to the present: why Afresh and why now? I had a sense from my very first interview that this was a place full of kind-hearted, curious, and driven people who were valued for their unique experiences and united by a sense of purpose. When I got an offer, my gut said, “What?! You could work in tech now?!” But once I took a step back, considered where I’ve been, and what is important to me, I thought, “Wow, this is an opportunity to be part of something really special.” 

I joined Afresh because I wanted to be part of a mission-driven organization, but also one with an open runway ahead of it for growth and possibilities. Since starting just over a month ago, I’ve been delighted to learn about our plans to build our team and our solutions both this year and beyond. Looking ahead, I’m thrilled to see how we will continue to eliminate millions of pounds of food waste (we’re at 6.9 and counting) and make fresh food accessible to all. 

Whether it’s our tradition of celebrating both personal and professional wins as a team each Friday afternoon, the fact that we’ve tripled our headcount in the past year, or even just how our CEO talks about what we do, I couldn’t be prouder to part of this fast-growing company that is committed to building a better future for people and the planet.