New to the Bunch: Tyler, Deployment Lead


In our New to the Bunch series, our freshest Afreshies discuss what brought them to Afresh and what motivates their connection to our mission. Find more stories on the blog and check the Careers page for current openings.

‍‍Tyler Sherman is a Deployment Lead at Afresh who ensures effective integrations and launches with our partners. With the supermarket business in his genes, you might say saving the world through grocery was written in his star-fruit.

Why did you choose to join Afresh?

It was refreshing to come across a company whose success is directly tied to how well they reduce food waste. I was excited by the prospect of putting my experience toward something beneficial to the world.

Now that you work here, what has surprised you about Afresh?

I've never worked at a company where every employee is so invested in its success. Everyone I have worked with is here for more than a paycheck. Call me jaded, but I did not think that was possible before working at Afresh.

What's something you learned after joining Afresh?

I never realized the scale of food waste inherent in the grocery business. The impact of that waste is staggering. I'm all-in to put a stop to it.

How does working at Afresh impact the rest of your life?

It's clear Afresh cares about its employees. There are several resources and benefits which make my life outside of work easier. Not to mention, enjoying work takes a huge strain out of my day-to-day.

What are you excited about when it comes to the future of Afresh?

Afresh has super gifted people working here who are passionate about the mission. In my book, that's the not-so-secret sauce to success in any business. Before Afresh, I've never experienced that combination first-hand and I'm excited to see what it can do for the world!

What’s important to you about our mission?

I'm a very outdoorsy person. When I'm enjoying nature, I'm often scared by the notion of it being taken away from future generations because of the world's current way of functioning. Food waste contributes to the loss of nature in all sorts of profound ways. I know when I'm working towards the Afresh mission, I'm also working towards protecting the great outdoors.