We believe in a world where technology makes fresh, nutritious food accessible for all.

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What If

What if retailers could reduce food waste by 50% a year? Or save +$40b in food waste annually? Or reduce greenhouse gas emissions by billions of tons?

Do good, at scale

Right now, 40,000 grocery stores in the US make thousands of daily decisions that impact billions of dollars worth of food. At Afresh, you'll have the opportunity to impact them all using the latest artifical intelligence technologies.

Hard tech for a real-world problem

Fresh food is serious business. Join our team and you'll build state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that directly impacts the health of our people and the trillions of pounds of fresh food produced and sold each year across the world.

Grow fast, together

The fresh-first supply chain is a massive opportunity, and it shows in our growth. We've gone from Seed to Series A in under a year, and we're not slowing down. We'll continue to grow as people and a team as we scale from serving hundreds of stores to tens of thousands. As Afresh grows fast, you'll grow faster.

Stay fresh at heart

We’re serious about our work. Ourselves? Less so. We know that no problem is solved alone. So we keep things light, inclusive, and optimistic, creating an environment and culture primed to take on one of the world’s greatest challenges.

Up for a challenge? Or three?


In order to drive sound operational decisions from our data, we implement and extend the latest state-of-the-art AI algorithms. At Afresh, you’ll work with model-based planning and deep reinforcement learning methods that are trained on large datasets of 100M+ human decisions.

Build large-scale infrastructure for machine learning

Building infrastructure that enables machine learning models to cover 100M+ of historical data points is a massive undertaking. You’ll work with massive data streams collected from tens of thousands of stores using Apache Spark, Hadoop and other modern big data systems.

Design effective, intuitive, and delightful interfaces

We’re designing a platform that’s feature-rich, easy-to-use, and effective. This means adapting our streamlined digital experience to reflect and integrate into countless operational workflows. So we work closely with our retail partners, observing, learning, and building together.