Factors in Fresh: What Drives Customer Retention and Basket Size


Food waste is a rotten problem for grocery shoppers but most don’t even know how much of it comes from the grocery stores they shop. When we asked consumers if they knew how much food waste comes from the grocery stores they shop, most were unaware of the 43 billion pound problem. Once shoppers learn just how much food gets wasted, they’re more likely to buy produce from stores that practice sustainability.

For supermarkets, centering sustainability doesn’t just have a positive impact on the planet...it improves customer retention, too.

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Customers care about quality when they’re purchasing fresh food. And when they become aware that 43 billion pounds of food waste comes from grocery stores, sustainability becomes a bigger factor in where they buy their food, driving traffic to supermarkets focused on sustainability. Our Fresh Operating System is built to improve both sustainability and sales in fresh departments. Request a demo to find out how!

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