A new way to win in fresh

Cut through the complexity of fresh grocery with best-in-class tech that grocery teams love to use

Fresh matters most

Customers care about fresh more than ever. Transform performance in your most critical categories with a holistic approach to fresh.

93% of grocers have seen the demand for fresh food rise since 2020.

Opportunities in Fresh: 2022 Report

92% of grocery leaders agree that using modern technology will help them attract and retain talent.

Opportunities in Fresh: 2022 Report

91% of grocery leaders agree that increasing the accuracy of orders will improve product shelf life.

Opportunities in Fresh: 2022 Report

Meet the
Afresh platform

Purpose-built for fresh foods, Afresh goes beyond traditional demand forecasting and perpetual inventory to drive optimal decisions across the fresh supply chain.

The Afresh advantage

Cutting-edge machine learning and easy-to-use workflows deliver transformational benefits in fresh ordering and inventory management.

Profitable fresh categories

Accelerate inventory turns
Reduce shrink
Increase sales

Connected decision making

Navigate messy data
Increase inventory visibility
Unify store teams

Effective and empowered teams

Optimize labor efficiency
Gain actionable insights
Train teams quickly

Meet sustainability goals

Reduce food waste
Reduce GHG emissions
Reduce water usage

A fresh approach

Fresh is fundamentally different and more complex than center store. Drive results with the right tool for the job.

Center store data

Consistent UPCs, pack sizes, and discrete units are clean and predictable

Fresh department data

Multiple factors shift daily, making data highly variable and hard to predict

Center store merchandising

Biannual planograms are mostly static with some promotions

Fresh merchandising 

Fresh displays shift constantly to accommodate variability, seasonality, and quality

Center store workflows

Consistent packaging and barcodes make inventory management straight-forward

Fresh team workflows

Teams need to manage a wide variety of item types, including hyper-perishables and random weights

The Afresh transformation, by the numbers:


Sales increase


Adherence rate


Faster inventory turns


Labor efficiency


Shrink reduction


Stockout reduction
By partnering with Afresh, we are now able to improve our processes to better manage our fresh product supply and provide our store teams with a tool to better predict demand and monitor inventory.
Susan Morris,
EVP and Chief Operations
Officer at Albertsons Companies

Customers trust Afresh

With Afresh, what’s good for business is also good for the planet.

Our advances in tech always come back to our vision: to sustainably nourish the world with fresh food.
About Afresh

Afresh will transform your fresh departments. See it in action.

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