Eliminate food waste and make fresh food accessible to all

From the fruit in your fridge to our planet at large, we’re driving positive change by building a better fresh food ecosystem.
Our vision

A world where everyone has the food they need and none of it goes to waste

People need access to fresh food to live happy and healthy lives, but one-third of what we grow goes uneaten. We’re working to fix that.


Eliminating food waste is only the beginning

By building technology to reduce food waste, we also cut back on water use and carbon emissions throughout the fresh supply chain. We’re proud to contribute to making our world more sustainable, all while delivering business impact for our customers.


The benefits of better tech continue to grow

As more and more grocers adopt the Afresh platform, we’re seeing meaningful impact on communities and the planet.
pounds of food waste prevented
kg of CO2 emissions reduced
gallons of water saved

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Want to save the planet? Start with food waste

Learn about the solvable problem of food waste—and how we can fix it

Meet the Afresh team

Matt Schwartz
CEO, Co-Founder
Nathan Fenner
President, Co-Founder
Dain Charette
Chief Revenue Officer
Jeff Kolesky
Lyndall Schreiner
VP & Chief of Staff
Evan Kravitz
VP of sales
Kelsie Skinner
VP OF Marketing
Sarah Papp
VP of Design
Justin Manduke
VP of Delivery and Customer Operations
Megan Yang
VP of Product
Erica Hanson
Senior Director of Strategy, Business Operations & Finance
Keisha Armand
Director of Customer Support
Cynthia Carpio
Director of Finance and Accounting
Katrina Klein
Director of sales engineering
Sean Meador
Director of Product Engineering
Jonathan Singer
Director of Talent Acquisition
Selene Xenia
Director of Engineering

Praise for our team

In the news

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Afresh named to CB Insights Retail Tech 100

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Panel describes an industry committed to waste

Grocer retailers have thrown the burden of food waste over their shoulder. They are in it for the long haul. A few got together at the Southeast Produce Council’s 2023 Southern Exposure event and one thing was made clear: The tools and commitment are there, and the results are coming.

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Retailers, tech experts, growers discuss solutions for food waste, insecurity

“I think the work we're doing to kind of divert food that would otherwise go to waste is incredible, but the root cause here is inefficient supply chain — and we can do better,” Afresh President and co-founder Nathan Fenner said.

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Afresh expands its AI-powered tech beyond the produce section

The platform offers recommendations to streamline inventory and workflow operations. And now it's moving into meat, seafood, deli and foodservice.

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Afresh Technologies moves beyond fruits and vegetables

Afresh has made a name for itself by developing systems that evaluate variables like sales trends, delivery schedules, perishability and the weather and use that information to guide grocery store employees in placing orders for fruits and vegetables.

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