Tech for good

Fresh departments in grocery stores have been starved of technology for decades. Our proprietary technology empowers produce managers with digital tools to make their jobs easier and keep fresh food out of landfills. 

Our mission is huge; our solution is real

As leaders in the field, we’re using ML to address the complexities of fresh and change what’s in your grocery basket for the better.

Every technical challenge we face has a tangible impact–improving the accuracy of our order recommendations means fewer moldy blueberries in your fridge. We’re not building a better future – we’re changing the world today.

Our Fresh Operating System

Afresh digitizes and unifies critical decision-making within one system, using a model-based engine for perishable inventory control that optimizes operational decisions and minimizes losses.

This is the first and only Fresh Operating System built especially for fresh, helping store teams manage forecasting, ordering, inventory, merchandising, and store operations.

What we're up to

With even more rapid growth on the horizon for 2022, we’re investing in our current products, services, and infrastructure. Looking ahead, we’re also expanding to other product areas to achieve our mission of eliminating food waste and making fresh food accessible to all.

Grow with us

We’re a distributed team searching for proactive engineers, designers, and product managers who care about the kind of impact they can have with their work. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply!