Afresh Environmental Impact as of Q2 of 2021


As a company, we’re motivated by our mission: eliminate food waste and make fresh food accessible to all. Why? Because environmental and human health is at risk and our food system has a huge impact on that. According to The Rockefeller Institute, Americans spend $1.1 trillion on food every year. But when we take social impacts like health outcomes, healthcare costs, and environmental repercussions into account the true cost of that food adds up to at least 3x what we spend. Meanwhile, 30-40% of food in the world goes to waste and 1 in 9 people suffer from food insecurity. 

Every quarter, we take a look at the data to understand our technology’s impact on improving sustainability. Since our founding in 2017, Afresh has helped supermarkets make big progress toward their sustainability goals, including avoiding 5.76 million pounds of food waste! That’s the equivalent of reducing 3.52 thousand tons of greenhouse gas emissions and preventing 117 million gallons of wasted water. Cultivating more sustainable practices in the fresh food supply chain is an essential part of creating a better future and we are proud to share these wins with our partners.

Afresh Environmental Impact as of July 2021

Fresh food is critical to both human and environmental health, and the future of our planet relies on the steps we take today. While we may not be able to stop some climate change from occurring, food waste is a problem technology and businesses can address. For grocery chains, fresh food sustainability often usually starts in store, but it can’t end there. Our ongoing commitment to eliminating food waste is the foundation for everything we do at Afresh. And for supermarkets, that means we’ll be there with the fresh-first tech they need to expand sustainability beyond the store level and across the entire fresh food supply chain.

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