Eliminate food waste and make fresh food accessible to all

Our vision

A world where everyone has the food they need and none of it goes to waste.

Afresh sits at an incredible intersection of rocketship financial growth, positive social impact, and cutting-edge technology. We know fresh is the future–and you can help us get there.

The solvable problem of food waste

Food waste happens at every stage of the supply chain, but 40% comes at the retail level, which has historically been hamstrung by a lack of purpose-built technology.

Good news: the problem of food waste is solvable–and the technology to solve it exists today.

Powering a fresher future

Afresh has built the first-ever Fresh Operating System, a suite of interconnected products revolutionizing how grocery fresh departments work. We’re making pen and paper ordering, out-of-stocks, and food in landfills a thing of the past.

Our impact

Grocers across the United States use Afresh to order billions of pounds of food per year. Our system’s accuracy generates game-changing results that are good for business, communities, and the planet.


pounds of food waste avoided


tons of GHG emissions reduced


gallons of water saved

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