Eliminate food waste and make fresh food accessible to all

Why we're here

More than anything else, food shapes our health and the health of our planet. A third of food in the world goes to waste, and with it goes the land, water, and greenhouse gases tied to its production. At the same time, 9% of the global population is food insecure.

We want everyone to have access to healthier, more affordable fresh food that nourishes our bodies. With our solutions, we want to help keep fresh food out of landfills and available in stores at lower prices. Good food is meant to be eaten and great technology can make that happen.

Our impact

Grocers across the United States use Afresh to order billions of pounds of food per year. Our system’s accuracy generates game-changing results that are good for business, communities, and the planet.


pounds of food waste avoided


tons of GHG emissions reduced


gallons of water saved

Leadership team

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