Making an impact

Our work has a ripple effect that makes a much bigger impact on our planet than any of us could as individuals. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be part of a market-leading company that’s on track to prevent 34 million pounds of food waste by the end of 2022.

Diversity and inclusion

Our commitment to our communities extends beyond products and technologies. We want to create a workplace that values diversity—where everyone can make an impact while being celebrated their fully authentic selves.

Our values


We acknowledge our wins with an eye for continuous improvement.


We are open to giving and receiving honest feedback because it helps everyone.


We identify opportunities to act with purpose amid rapid change.


We engage with our partners and each other in ways we want to be treated.

Afresh to the core

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“Every technical challenge we face concretely minimizes food waste and maximizes fresh food availability—the stores' shelves and backrooms tell us how we're performing. As we lay the technical foundation for a Fresh Operating System, now is the best time to help steer and realize our vision.”


“Reducing food waste is one of the top solutions to solving climate change, and we are doing so within an industry that is eager for digital transformation. Not only is it incredibly exciting to see the tangible impacts of our work every time I visit the grocery store, being surrounded by colleagues who are likewise deeply mission-driven makes Afresh feel like an incredibly special place to be.”


“Fresh supply chains are incredibly complex! It’s a feat of human ingenuity (and a privilege) that many Americans can walk into a grocery store and get hundreds of different fruits and vegetables. That said, there is still so much opportunity to improve the efficiency of fresh supply chains and reduce food waste, which I’m thrilled to be working on!”


Our benefits

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Comprehensive health plans


Competitive compensation

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Generous parental leave

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Equity packages

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401k matching

Flexible vacation policy

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The best of the bunch

We’re a remote-friendly, Brussels sprouts-loving group that’s deeply motivated by our work to curb climate change. Learn more about who we are and how we're taking action in our annual Impact Report.

We're hiring!

We’re looking for passionate people up for a challenge⁠—or two, or three.

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